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Blackbeard The Teach (I.)

January 24, 2009

Discoveries about Blackbeard the Teach

The Alpha made him strong

Appearing to be beyond His reach

As the evil one came through to do wrong

Blackbeard the Teach would not consent to impeach

his struggles He made appear effortless

Witnessing His loved one crash

For a while forgetting his helmet

after a decade he tightens his sash

two years after

desiring not to thrash

not vindictive and standing loyal

he exits the broken covenant

stepping quietly like a royal

true to his edwin-ian roots dissecting

honor and grace still no vindictive flares

heartfelt empathy but no love to spare

spending more than a decade in despair

tearing his life apart was more the old evil

sanity forlorn and life unbearable

three attempts to vanquish …more

futile and defaced

head held high two last straws

one’s most important day alone again

…more had beaten him to the draws

again evil came in with a stupor was he sane

everyone knows… more a robber

He comes to steal kill and destroy

These are the discoveries found this week

Events and living can be cruel

As many come to Him answers they seek

Tirades of the evil one, too

prayers already from the throne coming through

Blackbeard the Teach had been much scathed

So the evil one attacked him too

Like Job he battled through and prayed

Battling Life sounded like a zoo

the One will come through as he stands

Joining in the frays he participated forelorning You

amazingly a gentleman teary and not the same

with patience and mercy he plods through

signatures and aid to the human and not…more

suddenly in remembrances Omega touching him true

God condigning to set life right

He releases them both trying to restore

aiding and hoping with all hope he isn’t feeding…more

God helping him and brought him to restore

Blackbeard the teach honorable and true

just not like his ancestors was very blue

his color now is white from the crimson blood

no one like the Teach there are very few

deciding both their fate with honor and grace

On his Harley he rides even now for others.

Away he went, a new woman true,

Returns to his homestead, with stuff he accrued.

Living and caring for descendants, in honor.

That is the modern the Teach that is his due

Unhappy he is and deserves it too. After all

his good boy has passed, which makes him sad,

Looking at his luck, he is still blessed, with one

more good boy, they will have to make due.

And with his woman that makes them three.

So he can find peace, get to know the one that tree.


(developed over three years, finished in 2013)

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