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The Past {Blackbeard The Teach}

August 3, 2010

Over the past

No reparations due

Shadows no longer cast

Memories to view

Many times being aghast

Name changes you accrue

Hoping for a recast

Dreams falling through

Not even youth hast

Not necessary for you

Life is passing in the mast

Daily delights ensue

Wonder and patience last

Enters ‘The Teach’ with no ado

A friend unsurpassed

Encouraging sailing through

Future may be a blast

Just learn to be you true

Stop anxiety about the miscast

Opening eyes see lives imbue

Ceasing your person’s glassed

Mast with sails comes breezing through

New faith found amassed

Love captures your lives subdue

Love and living should broadcast

Forthcoming life overdue

Spinnaker moving like ballast

Living is no debut Juliet and her beau

were not up to the task

Blackbeard ‘The Teach’ true

blue ‘Feather’ knows.

He Is First and Last

Alpha and omega, shows.

He blesses us both a life precast.

Parting our ways, He grows.

Into the North, gone he hast.

Said what we said, deep trowels.

Wondrous future for me is cast.

Searching for dearheart, she scowls.

her few futures have all past.

dearheart husband is there for her.

Searching for her she waits aft.


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