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Sentimental Plateauing Voice

September 14, 2013

There was no longer her voice,
She cared, cared too much,
Cerebrally, no choice,
By, bye, and buy any such.

Generous by her he was.
Reason was never rational.
His thoughts were just because.
Seemingly perpetual.

Tearfully his crush did pass.
Alone, alone, alone, alone.
Maybe a dip, love or crass.
In with heart, he had gone.

One task or another it seems.
Busy, busy, busy, fast lane.
Still appearances, great teams.
Could any of these sane?

Buy, buy, her heart many tries.
Try as he might, he could not love.
Inside her heart, she quietly cries.
In his heart, the mourning dove.

Loving Him, he did love Him,
Although knowing, the All Knowing.
Knowing, they knew the Limb.
His love for them may be plateauing?

Sprightly, viewing, with elegance,
parceling, her treasured mementos.
Still in obedience, without his presence,
To ease his pain, in his root of ribose.

Sentimental? Oh, not even, silly, really?
Imbibing more, gossips were rattling!
Deeming, scandal valid, became his Achille’!
Dire need for lifesaving tattling.

Preachers, teachers, even doctors.
Browsing, his secrets, now she sees?
All along he needed proctors.
Adultery after all, just different degrees


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  1. A very creatively written ballad with a lesson. The last stanza wrapped up the story well…and packed a punch.

  2. Interesting write… I like how the tale unfolds in your verses. The rhymes are beautiful and the repetitiveness of the words give it a nice touch. I liked it.

  3. ha – i like that title… and sometimes it’s not easy if we have a crush on someone we shouldn’t .. each of us has some sort of achille’s sinew me thinks… cool work on the ballad ma’am

  4. This is really interesting. You’ve got really strong rhymes, using the more difficult abab scheme in each stanza. Technically some of your ballad lines are a metrical foot too long – but that’s OK because there is a ballad form which has four feet in every line of its quatrains; it’s called Long Meter … smiles.

  5. great ending, and clever rhymes

  6. I confess I’m having difficulty following out the plot — my first thought is that it’s about the wife of a married couple where he’s had an affair (now over) with (perhaps) a man and she’s keeping up appearances while feeling that everything’s altered? But I like how absolutely immersed I am in the wry sadness that the plot doesn’t have to be set out blow-by-blow. And really enjoyed the shorthand feel of lines like “Sprightly, viewing, with elegance, / parceling, her treasured mementos”, the questioning, the “busy, busy, busy, fast lane”.

    • Close enough! I have a book, need a ‘shades of gray’ publisher.
      I have to publish under fiction, but I can use real names.

    • Oh, you are close enough. But it was way more complex and
      sinister. I have a book, I have both sides, it will be under fiction
      and with real names. And it was not like he had not done it all
      before. Serially. And he is now lining up the next one for the
      same thing. Because it is a big world out there. I have
      even picked out the little towns’ fiction name.
      Infamous tiny place.

  7. yes a very nice ballad… 🙂 repetitions used very effectively

  8. I like the repetitive & rhyming words ~ Good work on the form ~

  9. nice…you rocked the ballad…while i was taking a brief break to catch my breathe…so hard the matters of the heart…and how it will take us to very dangerous places…..great closing line…

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