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Stoic Return

September 30, 2013
Scheeweischen by Digital Artist : Catrin Welz-Stein prompt for dversepoets.
Scheeweischen by Digital Artist : Catrin Welz-Stein
prompt for dversepoets.

Returned to stoics,

holding the last Rose.

Remember your heroics,

thinking in prose.

Adapting to my ascetics.

Safety lost I suppose.

Heart, not even medics,

unspeaking pain, adipose.

Remembering our touch,

feelings remain reposed.

Fitting, white dress, as such

hold, touch me, I’m disposed.

White Rose, her chosen,

white hair, her dearheart,

no passion of polar, barren

embrace, me as in the start.

Adoration is my passion

for you, it shall never die

although you have no mansion.

For my love there is no vie.

Stunning, stunned, one-sided

in lace, forever repulsive.

Too old now for maidens braid

alone, she waits, allusive.

For her gentle man to wake up,

wrap her gently into earthly

arms, tall, white capped, pup

strong, chooses love feverishly.

Responds, she looks into his eyes

Thankful for his return, snow falls

Brings her back to life, duo cries

To their hideaway, the quiet calls.

Responds, she looks into his face,

eyes meet, her stoic look soften.

Thankful for his return, in her lace,

All eyes sparkling, even the Begotten.


From → dearheart, love, poetry, prose

  1. This is so very philosophic and complex and beautiful.

  2. It is neat to see another’s take on the piece of art that I chose to write about.

  3. I felt the passion in this, the passage of time and the constant flow of love.

  4. Back to form with both as one, way to be under any sun

  5. what a story…the bringing her back to life part so moving.. and i like that her look softens in the end..

  6. She waits for him to give her meaning. There are some people who really do help us see ourselves and what we can be… without them, sometimes we get lost.

  7. i like the waiting for the man to awake to hold her and give comfort and security….and bringing her back to life….nicely done…smiles.

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