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In A Dream

October 26, 2013


In a dream hearts blood flow

No boundaries, could we know

Stark no face, not even a moon,

not a phase, not even the swoon,

from the loon cold but no snow.


Sorry we live; only months ago

We felt, warm hot, breezes blow,

Wrapped, hot, in our cocoon

In a dream.


Loving and laughing & a cup of ‘joe!

Fanning the flames, we battle the thro’

A love, & travels, may be erased soon!

Early mornings, hit roads before noon

on throes of love, do recollections go

In a dream?



  1. A wonderful rondeau.. love the refrain.. and how it can work differently with the questionmark.. the difference between dream and reality so subtle

  2. That’s a fine rentrement/refrain and it has helped you to write a lovely rondeau. I’m also pleased to see that you didn’t rhyme moon with June … smiles

  3. gailatthefarm permalink

    Wonderfully done!

  4. The rhythm of the rondeau jived well with the rhythm of the seasons in your poem. I like how the refrain got a different meaning with the change in punctuation. 🙂

  5. You have great rhythm and rhyme and a real dreamlike flow–thanks. k.

  6. Dreams keep us going 🙂

  7. Lovely use of your refrain to reinforce your theme. Very nice.

  8. Love how you’re playing with refrain…good on the form!

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