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Steve Jobs Inspiration

November 24, 2013

Finding Truth In…Timelessness

Temporary blindness,
fearing unknown,
missing loved ones,
alive and passed.
Every day timeless.

Thankful kindness,
life’s path sown.
One’/vast ques/tions,
many prayers stashed.
Every day timeless.

Toast His goodness,
aged, no gown.
Hearts weighing tons.
Invitation dashed.
Every day timeless.

Everyday mindless,
spirits down.
Law of Newton,
thought mashed.
Every day timeless.

Hoping not useless!
2 lives not blown!
Rise a new man,
Love her unabashed!
Every day timeless.

  1. smiles. we can make each day timeless if we dont approach it mindless…and if we screw today up it does not mean we have to tomorrow…

  2. I enjoyed both the quote by Jobs and your poem. Important thoughts to ponder.

  3. Great response for the calendar time and the ‘ode’ prompt 😉

  4.’s good to live our own life and live each day mindful as not to waste it… and so good that each day has its own fresh start…

  5. perhaps more than that we could make it precious. but well the beginning lays in wanting timelessness!

  6. Very good advises and in such a nice form you put it in..

  7. Laurie Kolp permalink

    I agree we should enjoy each given day!

  8. Steve Jobs definitely an inspiration.. and loved your poem, especially the repeating line – each day is timeless..

  9. and thank you so much for your so-wonderful and warm comments on my post..

  10. Every day – unique…sometimes we forget about time…and this is best times…Thoughtful write ~ Love ‘Law of Newton,thought mashed.’ 🙂

  11. very nice writing. I believe that hope is never hopeless.

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