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Our Homes’ Not Really…

November 26, 2013

Really Us…Love, not traditional at all.

Come with me, I love you, get hopping.
See the sights! Heart &Home presented as ours.
Not really. Wonderful endless visiting tours.
Design and furnish our homes, forever shopping!
Vest your interest. Just feel ours, say ours, be a part.

Not really. Lies, really. Love is not actually.
Not really. This doctor or that, really mean.
Not really. Work out over & over get lean.
Not really. He lets himself go, factually.
Not really, guard my heart? Trips on; art.

She tried to tell me; “You have been to college?”
“You stupid muse…no one commits over 62.”
Silly, muse of a woman. He’ll be done with you.
Uh oh, he stops loving on you, after sacrilege.
He never meant love, even from the start.

Saying love a few times just to dangle a heart.
Inconsolable; he learns to make you miserable.
Look at the bridge, mind drifts to water table.
You deserve no one! Because you only see, part.
You are the butt of their joke, again fool, depart!

A moment in time passes, it lasts for months.
Too old fashioned to understand his history.
No honesty. He continued to hide the mystery.
Apparently so shallow; to only love, in tenths;
She loves, hundred percent. Now living apart.


From → dearheart, love

One Comment
  1. There is a most incredible, wondrous world within you. I find it fascinating how you crack the door just such, allowing the light within to shed upon the rest of us, leaving us satiated with the taste of it. I find this place, this pace, a bit familiar. And most comfortable. You are very talented. But don’t get a big head. I’m better, (but only in tenths). 🙂

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