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Opinions of OPI-Nations

October 28, 2014

not Mayberry any more
much is awry, undone?
charities try, even score
cannot marry, to some

getting wary, Oct. lore
food scary, nasty sum
cash bear-y, short w/poor
coups tarry, seems plum

WROng, move things along!
Feats in all; Coup dˊeˊtats
Thankful for opi-ates? Song?
Fete to celebrate harvests’

Of opi-nations’, just opinions.
Sharon Rose, poetic, moves
Underground: for Opinions
scared her: safe grooves?

opinions for OPI-Nations:
no beliefs in war, violence
Too Quiet? On vacations!
Who’s murdering in silence?


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One Comment
  1. Nice rhymes here .. but the story is grim.

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