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T follow a lot more blogs than there is room to list. I love photography, art and poetry. I have a very few extremely clear days, or not clear at all, where I do all of my writing. And I give credits where credits are due always, when I can remember, or I could be reminded. I love to travel by auto to as many places as I can in my lifetime. I like to write about the places I know and the places those I know share with me in photos from around the world. Fiction. poetry, Short Stories and Thoughts or blurbs.

If you would like to use a portion of this site that is my original content. If we are all sharing in groups etc. Ask. Otherwise read below.

Original exclusive rights are copyrighted: covering to produce copies or reproductions of the work and to sell those copies (mechanical rights; including, electronic copies: distribution rights) to import or export the work to create derivative works (works that adapt the original work) to perform or display the work publicly (performance rights) to sell or assign these rights to others to transmit or display by radio or video (broadcasting rights) {Named in L.O.C. © OR ®} All websites are pen name. Special Consideration may be made by email then by written mail agreements .aka may include Still Wilrite, Stilwilrite, penames and also; s rose, aka Sharon Rose Thomas, Still. *(A) Lela B.,(B)Lela Blonde,(C) lelablonde,***{A,B AND C are not associated with the porno sites, hence new pen names} -Seasideauthor SR  Sharon Rose. Thank You

Favorite Attorney: Baker & Rannells, PA



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