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Alice’s First

Alice first fall?

Ad vent for a reaction.

We are all //

 always following

A white rabbit or a

Red herring?

Trying to find an

Easy way out. For

Some, esp./ Alice

Not to be found.

Advents first Sunday

Shows one way out

Hope&  passion

/ light. For Him/

 remember His

Promise of return

As we move

Through our

Twelfth /commercial

wonderous movies

dreamland of Alice’s

strange exaggerations

Adonai ‘s;Yahweh; Christ

 royal colors

rise deep purples, blues

pink and sometimes A/

lone white candle

digital media           Sharon Rose

digital media Sharon Rose

Lights, mother’s

Traditional candle in the

Windows, wreath, green


Musicale whimsy’s



Upon e-motion



day; His Truly missed?


Our Homes’ Not Really…

Really Us…Love, not traditional at all.

Come with me, I love you, get hopping.
See the sights! Heart &Home presented as ours.
Not really. Wonderful endless visiting tours.
Design and furnish our homes, forever shopping!
Vest your interest. Just feel ours, say ours, be a part.

Not really. Lies, really. Love is not actually.
Not really. This doctor or that, really mean.
Not really. Work out over & over get lean.
Not really. He lets himself go, factually.
Not really, guard my heart? Trips on; art.

She tried to tell me; “You have been to college?”
“You stupid muse…no one commits over 62.”
Silly, muse of a woman. He’ll be done with you.
Uh oh, he stops loving on you, after sacrilege.
He never meant love, even from the start.

Saying love a few times just to dangle a heart.
Inconsolable; he learns to make you miserable.
Look at the bridge, mind drifts to water table.
You deserve no one! Because you only see, part.
You are the butt of their joke, again fool, depart!

A moment in time passes, it lasts for months.
Too old fashioned to understand his history.
No honesty. He continued to hide the mystery.
Apparently so shallow; to only love, in tenths;
She loves, hundred percent. Now living apart.

How Many?

Ways could she express her caring,
Nothing else to offer except time.
Grown accustomed to all the staring.

Her time always passing to her loss.
Racing moments of pleasure few.
Seemingly never, winning the toss.

Dramatically meeting Him, her only pleasure.
Contrite He knows, with whom He competes.
He, forever, showers her ample measure.

Jealously, dearheart, was second in life.
Once in, his punishment was to begin;
his wish to be number one, is his strife.

Many supplication approaching His throne;
More than, dozens witness; hear her tone.

Actually love is, no distraction for her, so
death always swarming, seeking, a weakling.
Occasionally finding, a few, faith let us go.

One eye open, keeping that door closed.
Actually in love, she kept him as second.
Wiser she is one might, even all supposed…

Sudden fury, overcame his loving heart:
blindly angry, to him all became offense!
he seethes, no longer desires; her loving part!

Sensitive; an extreme fault, he does not know, she
recognizes the dogs in heat, refuses, to; the lower,
trash rolls through gym; works and sweats, no glee.

Pieces of work, His will is charged with this, fair.
Hope preferred, over these men in their affair.

Seer-ing talk, “You can tell, watch; how she walks.”
Deaf; child reading lips. Acutely hearing she is sadden.
She remembers, heard, them before, their secret talks.

dearheart, she erred, akin to her Beloved? Dearheart!
Vaguely near the ‘catwalk’, where all Harley’s roar.
Nearing, deaths Lion meow, His plan she will not depart.

Flashes dearheart face before her they’re a crew.
Mortals, believing they are known to Him, live lies.
Ass-musing work, the only way of getting to through.

Shrouds; loving heart; withholding talents too!
dearheart, unknowingly seer-ing, is veiling her.
Thankfully, not with me joining their fatal zoo.

Invocation of imps, dearheart they pursue.
Implorations continue wishing them ‘due.

Gluttons, sloths, murderous hearts, defrauded…
projecting paranoia on womenfolk, into slavery;
Facades of marriage; beware; ladies inveigled

to nowhere with weaklings, and lives into despair.
Appearances of flush, considered eccentric, oh
outlandish, naked, will they see Dearheart’s lair.

His lair, paved golden, walls be-jade lights.
What sights, as amateurs, in camels’ keyhole.
Still, moments, dearheart, alive in blights.

She prays, he finds the way to return, naïveté.
Not appeasing her heart, her dearheart, departs.
LOL, in her face, men, do even to this very day.

Artlessness beliefs, evoking world of the angelic.
Liberations, reliefs, all seeking a normal allelic.


Steve Jobs Inspiration

Finding Truth In…Timelessness

Temporary blindness,
fearing unknown,
missing loved ones,
alive and passed.
Every day timeless.

Thankful kindness,
life’s path sown.
One’/vast ques/tions,
many prayers stashed.
Every day timeless.

Toast His goodness,
aged, no gown.
Hearts weighing tons.
Invitation dashed.
Every day timeless.

Everyday mindless,
spirits down.
Law of Newton,
thought mashed.
Every day timeless.

Hoping not useless!
2 lives not blown!
Rise a new man,
Love her unabashed!
Every day timeless.

Screams In There!

Screams in there! From layers of pain
Between the layers, love is slain,
Memories slosh, enter if you dare,
Slimy and stark, stop a bloody stare,
Past is the past, don’t ask, such distain.

Noise all the noise, no snaps remain
Ears ring, no song, no dance, not sane? 
Calmly inane you act like you don’t care
Screams In There!
Has been months, try to complain?

Sly peaking, a menace; he is inhumane,
emotions vanish midair, Is she fair?
A door opens; to escape his snare.
You are plain, no life in fast lane!
Screams In There!

In A Dream


In a dream hearts blood flow

No boundaries, could we know

Stark no face, not even a moon,

not a phase, not even the swoon,

from the loon cold but no snow.


Sorry we live; only months ago

We felt, warm hot, breezes blow,

Wrapped, hot, in our cocoon

In a dream.


Loving and laughing & a cup of ‘joe!

Fanning the flames, we battle the thro’

A love, & travels, may be erased soon!

Early mornings, hit roads before noon

on throes of love, do recollections go

In a dream?



Stoic Return

Scheeweischen by Digital Artist : Catrin Welz-Stein prompt for dversepoets.
Scheeweischen by Digital Artist : Catrin Welz-Stein
prompt for dversepoets.

Returned to stoics,

holding the last Rose.

Remember your heroics,

thinking in prose.

Adapting to my ascetics.

Safety lost I suppose.

Heart, not even medics,

unspeaking pain, adipose.

Remembering our touch,

feelings remain reposed.

Fitting, white dress, as such

hold, touch me, I’m disposed.

White Rose, her chosen,

white hair, her dearheart,

no passion of polar, barren

embrace, me as in the start.

Adoration is my passion

for you, it shall never die

although you have no mansion.

For my love there is no vie.

Stunning, stunned, one-sided

in lace, forever repulsive.

Too old now for maidens braid

alone, she waits, allusive.

For her gentle man to wake up,

wrap her gently into earthly

arms, tall, white capped, pup

strong, chooses love feverishly.

Responds, she looks into his eyes

Thankful for his return, snow falls

Brings her back to life, duo cries

To their hideaway, the quiet calls.

Responds, she looks into his face,

eyes meet, her stoic look soften.

Thankful for his return, in her lace,

All eyes sparkling, even the Begotten.

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